Discover How We Turned a Measly Deposit (just $14k) into a Massive Multimillion Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in Just 8 Years…


And the best part…

We Used Very Little of our Own Money.


Jason and Amy’s very first development created over $1,000,000 in profit (shared with a joint venture partner). Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, doing multiple developments at a time; right now they have 23 Million worth of projects in their pipeline.

To streamline their process and speed up time to profit they developed systems, tools, spreadsheets, calculators, research tools and templates which have allow them to take on, and successfully complete more developments.

Because of these systems they have accrued more experience in the last 10 years than most developers get in an entire career.

Big Profits from Small Developments

Property Developer Program

Discover how to make as much as $200,000, $300,000, even $500,000 a year developing property using other people’s money.


Who are Jason and Amy?

Jason and Amy began their property development journey just eight years ago with a mere 30 thousand dollars in the bank.

In this short time they have grown to the point when they can proudly say their company has created over 28 million dollars in projects. From $30,000 to $28 million is quite a journey and they would like to share what they have learned along the way.

They are both at a stage in life where they want to give back to the community that has helped them succeed. They want to impart the knowledge and experience they have gained in their lives as property developers.

The truth is they were complete amateurs when they started but they quickly developed innovative systems and techniques that have led to business success.


Jason began his working life as a television cameraman in partnership with his father, an experienced cameraman and television producer. Jason quickly developed his skills and was soon in demand for television programs and major sporting events.

He knew his skills were valued but found the 7 day a week schedules and the time spent away on locations very demanding.

As Jason says, ‘I was making a living but I had no life!’

Amy was born in Hong Kong and moved to Sydney at the age of seven.

From a young age she had a flair and passion for design which she developed through her education and time spent in New York. Her innovative design skills can be seen in her award winning furniture pieces some of which are still in the marketplace today. One award winning piece is on permanent display in the Singapore Museum and at Melbourne’s Crown Casino and is still sold around the world.

Together Jason and Amy have built a substantial property development business and today want to share this knowledge. Everyone can learn from their drive and ambition, their passion for quality outcomes, and their enthusiasm for the future of property development.

Some of our Developments

These are the kind of deals you could be doing if you master this strategy…

“In the last 8 years, using this strategy, we’ve completed over $28,000,000.00 worth of deals and built a multi-million dollar cash flow positive portfolio in the process.


Here’s the thing that still amazes me every day: We achieved all of this using very little of our own money.


Right now, we currently have over $23,000,000.00 worth of deals in the pipeline right now in various stages of completion and most of it is using other people’s money.


They provide the money and we just work the system we’ve created to generate profit. It still blows me away how simple this can be when you’ve got the right system in place.”


We’ve already been teaching this system to experienced property investors. Here’s what attendees to our most recent live speaking tour had to say:


“Doing what you love and… loving how you’re doing it”